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Perfect Plating for a Stunning Interior

We are experts in the fine finishing of parts for VIP aircraft and business jet interiors. Our experienced team of craftsmen will help make your project world-class.

80 Standard Finishes

Ultra-high quality, decorative plating for aircraft interiors is all that we do. Our standard electroplated finishes include; 24K Gold, Nickel, Chrome, Color Golds and others. All available with either a Polished, Satin, Antique or Diffused Finish.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that our service will be performed professionally, on-time and completed to your satisfaction. Our team averages 17 years industry experience and will meet and exceed the expectation for your project. 

Fast Delivery

7-10 day turnaround on most jobs.

Do you need it faster? When time is critical, we offer an expedited service and can finish your parts as quickly as the next or in some cases even the same day!

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